July 30, 2012 by Gay Halloween Costumes

According to our web stats, we’re receiving a surprising number of new visitors and our site isn’t even officially launched yet! How exciting!

Well we’re hard at work building it so please bookmark us and keep coming back. We have a Facebook page too. In the mean time, you may be wondering what this site is all about.

I’m a gay man who loves Halloween. It’s still July, but I’m already talking with my husband about costume ideas and making plans with friends for Halloween parties. If you love Halloween as much as I know, you certainly understand.

So I built this site for other gay men and gay couples who are looking for fun Halloween costume ideas for 2012. When I find a costume I think you’ll like, I’ll post a photo with a link to where you can buy it online. I’ll also try to find the lowest price, because who doesn’t like a deal, right? Sometimes the price of a costume can vary by $10 or $20, and it’s the same exact costume by the same maker. So why pay more, right?

In a nutshell, that’s what this site will be all about. So welcome to all the new visitors, and I apologize that the site isn’t ready yet. I just registered it a few weeks ago and had no idea people would already be finding it. But I’m very happy that you have. So again, please be sure to bookmark it. And I hope to see you again soon!

Welcome Gay Halloween Costumes 2012 Searchers!