October 24, 2012 by Gay Halloween Costumes

For a small window of time, we were coming up in the #3 spot for gay halloween costumes on Google. Ah, it was a good time in early to mid-October 2012. People were buying costumes, happy with the options we’d recommended, and life was good. Then we disappeared again.

This has certainly been a confusing and interesting experience. This site launched at the end of July and skyrocketed to the top of Google. Then it disappeared in August, re-appeared in September, disappeared in October. We know that search results can fluctuate, but never this drastically. It was feast or famine. If we showed up, we were nearly on top. Otherwise, we didn’t come up at all.

Hopefully now that we’ve established a small base of costumers and fans, we’ll be able to earn a positive reputation and climb our way up the Google ladder. Maybe by 2013, everyone who searches for gay halloween costumes will find us in the top spot. That’s where we want to be, because we LOVE Halloween and we’re as passionate about it as our customers are.

Happy Halloween 2012, everyone! Have fun and be safe.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow