August 25, 2012 by Gay Halloween Costumes

The Gay Halloween Costumes site was started in July, 2012 with the simple goal of letting people know about fun and sexy Halloween costumes, geared towards a gay audience. Sometimes there will be other news too, like classic horror films or other Halloween themed stuff that’s coming out. Basically I just wanted to create a fun place for people who love Halloween as much as my husband and I do.

Things got off to a surprising start. Within a few weeks of setting up the blog, the site skyrocketed to page 1 of Google’s search results! I was so happy and pleased. I was also a little pressured, as you might imagine, because I was getting daily visitors and the site wasn’t ready yet. But nonetheless, I wanted to reach out to anyone who stopped by and offer them some cool ideas for Halloween.

That’s where I messed up apparently. I joined a program that offered an easy link generator so I could feature Halloween costumes that I liked and felt other gay men would like too. I worked very hard on setting them up too. But a few days after I started posting them, this site disappeared from Google’s results.

How did the site rise so high and then fall so low in only a month? I was stunned and didn’t where to find the answers.

Today I think I finally found the answer. I was doing some reading on Google and found out that they don’t like it when sites are heavy with advertised links because they think they are junk. My mistake, and now that I think about it, I do understand. It makes perfect sense.

I’m sorry, Google. I know this is kind of cheesy to say, and I really hope your search engine spiders will crawl back on over to my site and give it a second chance. (Part of this is intended to be humor, of course, as I realize a real human at Google won’t read this. But spiders will crawl the page, and I hope they re-list the site).

I have removed the Halloween costume posts that had advertiser links and I hope that will help. My intention was never to junk up the site. I just thought I was offering some good ideas for Halloween costumes.

Thankfully it’s still August, and I have some time to regroup and think about what I want to do to expand on the site.

In the mean time, crawl away, Google spiders. The site is fixed! 🙂

Dear Google, Gay Halloween Costumes asks forgiveness