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Welcome to the second year of Gay Halloween Costumes! Halloween is getting closer and closer, and many of you are looking for sexy and fun Halloween costume ideas.

We’ve been scouring the web for the hottest new trends for this year. As usual, superheroes are always a hit. There are many great ways gay couples can match up, like Batman and Robin. And then the “sexy” version of men in uniform is another popular choice. Example: sexy policeman, sexy sailor, sexy fireman. You get the point. Actually sexy soldier seemed to be the biggest seller for us last year, and it’s already trending again this year. Maybe camo is the way to go.

Monsters don’t seem to be of much interest to gay guys for Halloween, so we probably won’t be featuring as many of those as we did last year. Vampires and zombies seem to have run their course too. I think last year was the last hurrah for the walking dead.

So what’s next? Mermen? That would be fun! We’ll see.

Stay tuned for fun new Halloween costumes ideas! We’ll be adding them in the next few weeks.